Material Handling

Handling of tiles is fairly easy because tiles are usually sold packed in 10 per box and the weight of the box is approximately 60 lbs. One person should be able to carry one box of tiles, and if the floor permits, a two-wheeler will be helpful to move the stone. It is important that the tiles be standing vertically.
Stone Knowledge
Stone Knowledge
Handling slabs is more complicated. When the pieces are large and heavy, slabs should be loaded and unloaded with the proper equipment, a forklift with boom or an overhead crane. If the marble or granite has a polished face, the slabs should be loaded vertically with the polished faces touching each other.
Stone Knowledge
Stone Knowledge
At the job site, the slabs must be carried in a vertical position.
Stone Knowledge


When slabs are going to be stocked at the job site, the following precautions should be taken:
  • Slabs should be placed away from the job traffic area.
  • The polished sides should be facing each other.
  • Slabs should be resting vertically.
  • If it is necessary to stack them, the slabs should be separated by a 1"x4" piece of wood.
Stone Knowledge
Stone Knowledge

Sorting stone tiles before installation

Two very important steps have to be taken before installing the material:
  • Check Your Delivery: Verify that the correct material was delivered. Once the material is installed, it is too late to make any changes.
  • Sorting the Material for the Job: The success of a great marble job is the mixing and matching of the stone before installation. This step will always yield to a uniform homogeneous installation.
For proper stone placement or mixture, we recommend the following guidelines:
  • Divide the area of installation into separate flat areas and allocate enough material for each area including some waste.
  • If the material to be installed is tiles, all the boxes should be open and the tiles should be taken from all the boxes randomly. In this way, the installation will be uniform and the material will look homogeneous. Remember that stone cannot be inspected or appreciated by looking at just one tile. The only way to check stone is by looking at several tiles, mixing them and laying them flat together in order to appreciate the stone's quality and color.
Stone Knowledge
  • The direction of the vein should be considered before starting installation.
  • If there is not enough material to finish a complete section, the installation should not be started because it will be very likely that the additional material will have a different tone.

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