Sandstone Slab

Sandstone slab wholesale from Chinese sandstone slab factory. High quality and large selcetion of sandstone slabs, such as China sandstone slabs, cheap sandstone slabs, half sandstone slabs etc.

Sandstone Slab Sizes:
60cm up x 240cm up x 2cm, 60cm cup x 240cm up x 3cm, 120cm up x 240cm up x 2cm, 120cm up x 240cm up x 3cm

Sandstone Slab Surface Finishing:
Polished Sandstone slab, Sawn Cut Sandstone slab.

Sandstone Slab Colors:
White Sandstone, Yellow Sandstone slab, Beige Sandstone slab, Red Sandstone slab, Green Sandstone slab, Purple Sandstone slab

Sandstone Slab Material Coutry:
China Sandstone slab.

Sandstone Slab Cost:
Cheap Sandstone slab, Expensive Sandstone slab.

Sandstone Slab Application:
Sandstone slabs for building facade, Sandstone slabs for flooring tiles.

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