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  G603 quarry
Granite G603 Quarry
China granite G603 is one kind of grey granite, it is most pupular granite for many kinds of building material, such as paving stone, kerbsotne, cube stone, palisades, stairs, etc. The quality of G603 is very good, there are no significant defects.
G682 Quarry  
Granite G682 Quarry
Granite G682 quarry is located in Fujiang province. We have our own G682 quarry.
  G623 Quarry
Granite G623 Quarry
Granite G623 quarry is located at haicang section of Xiamen city.
G681 Quarry  
Granite G681 Quarry
Granite G601 quarry is located in Fujiang province.
  G636 Quarry
Granite G636 Quarry
Granite G636 quarry is located in Fujiang province. We have our own G636 quarry.
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Chinese Granite Marble Supplier
Chinese Stone Quarry
Fujian province is famous for Chinese granite mountain and rich granite resource. We have our own China granite G636 and G682 quarry, our factory is close to the granite mountain, we can get steady granite blocks supply with competitive price .We'll also show some other Chinese stone quarries.



























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