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Chinese Granite Kerbstone
We can supply stone kerbs, kerbing stone in any shape and quantity. All our granite kerbstone, stone kerbs, kerbing and other stone products are made from the finest materials and our stone kerbs are available in any amount. Our G603 grey granite kerbstone are very popular in Europe, we can deliver any of our stone kerbs to anywhere in the World.
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Granite Kerbstone Design
Granite Kerbstone from China

Description: We can supply stone kerbs, kerbing stone in any shape and quantity.

1) Popular material for kerbstone: G603(Light Grey), G682(Golden Yellow), G654(Dark Grey), G623(Silvery Grey), G614(Padang Grey) etc.

2) Styles: straight, arc, etc.

3) Standard dimensions:

4) Finish: Top and front face are sawn, flamed, fine picked or rough picked etc, other faces are natual or sawn. We could produce kerbstone depend on our customer's design and dimension.






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