Slate Wall Tiles

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Stone Type: Slate

Stone Color: Black

Stone Origin: China

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Slate Tile Finish: surface and backside are natural, other sides are sawn cut

Slate Tile Size: 300mm x 600mm x 20mm

Slate wall tiles are popular for interior or exterior wall applications, we supply top quality slate wall tiles with competitive price from China.

Slate Tile Common Finishes
Natural Cleft Surface Tiles - A finish unique to slate compared to other stone types. A natural and pleasingly textured surface created when freshly quarried slate is manually split into sheets. The fan of the cleft is unique to slate and starts when the first hit of the chisel started the split.
Tumbled Tiles - A stone finish achieved by putting the stones in a machine that "tumbles" the stones around together causing an uneven rough surface and edges. The finish has a rustic appeal.
Polished Surface Tiles - A stone finish that gives a smooth, even appearance with a high polished gloss.
Honed Surface Tiles - A stone finish that gives a smooth, even appearance without a high polished gloss.

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Slate Wall Tiles
Slate Wall Tiles
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