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How to maintain artificial stone

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Now market kitchen cabinets businesses mostly use man-made stone mesa as the main body, because its bond seamless, can be any shape, appearance and environmental protection advantages has been more and more customer choice. Artificial stone, after all, is different from natural stone, its hardness, high temperature resistance is relatively weak. Now I do some related to the use of artificial stone table to do some relevant instructions.

1, do not put the high temperature body directly or put on the artificial stone table for long time
Directly from the stove or oven, microwave ovens take down of hot pot, hot pot or other temperature too high with may to man-made stone mesa brings damage.
The right way is to put a piece of heat pad on the top of the table or a pot holder with a rubber foot, and then place a slightly higher temperature on the top of the table.

2, must not be cut in artificial stone countertops or chop bones
Directly in man-made stone mesa on vegetables such as contact with the iron activities, will damage the surface even on mesa internal damage and lead to open crack.
The correct use of the method is: on the table before cutting pad on the chopping board, preferably in the chopping board below to pad cloth or other shock of soft goods. Do not cut the bone in the above.

3, artificial stone surface as far as possible to keep dry
The water contains a lot of grease, bleach and scale, residence time is too long, can make mesa pale, affect the appearance.
The correct use of the method is: after a meal in a timely manner table with a clean dry cloth or absorbent sponge to surface water stains, grease, stains with detergent wipe after to absorb moisture.

4, strictly prohibited chemical and artificial stone mesa contact
General quality of man-made stone products have a certain ability to resist damage, but still need to avoid contact with strong chemical items, such as paint, metal cleaning, cleaning, etc.. Don't contact with acid and alkali, acetone (polish), if the contact, rinse immediately with plenty of soap and water surface. If you dip into the nail polish, please use non acetone wash Liu (such as alcohol, etc.), and then rinse with water.

5. Don't let the heavy or sharp objects directly impact the surface.

6, do not use cold water to rinse immediately after washing with water, do not use boiling water, especially in the north and in the winter

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