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How to distinguish between artificial stone and quartz stone

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One, compared with the price: quartz stone generally more expensive than artificial stone: 1, quartz stone relative artificial stone to say, processing equipment is more expensive, manufacturers are relatively less, higher prices. 2, the quartz stone, basically are in the field, product chain is: supply manufacturers Shenzhen area agency cupboard factory terminal customers, and artificial stone is: supply manufacturers cupboard factory terminal customers, quartz stone much a link, the price will be more expensive. 3, for new things or with respect to artificial stone is not so 'old', price is not too clear, many businesses to customers for the price will be higher.

Second, practical: quartz stone superior: the specific use, artificial stone almost do not need to maintain more than, but artificial stone requires the use of protective. In the use of a time table: 1, artificial stone: table has many subtle marks, some micro oil, local slight discoloration. 2, quartz stone, quartz stone mesa will have some black marks, but with a special quartz sand can quickly wipe (because the quartz stone hardness is harder than the cutting tool, the trace for traces of the iron and steel in the surface of quartz stone), there will be no other problems.

Third, than beautiful: quartz stone Shaoxun. 1, table after retaining water, artificial stone can do circular arc transition. and quartz stone because it is a site after retaining water is directly with quartz stone dedicated glue in the table against the wall parts. 2, the joint: artificial stone can achieve seamless connection. quartz stone will have vague a line completely. Do seamless now is very difficult. General quartz stone in the joint, with the use of water to wash the interface, the effect will be better. 3, the first block of water with artificial stone can be very close to the effect, but slightly less in the curvature of the. 4, relatively speaking, artificial stone polishing more easily, the effect is better. Only in the use of time will not be too long.

Four, compared with the installation: artificial stone faster, quartz stone dust is relatively rare and now the installation of quartz stone, each meter should give the master additional subsidies. Because the quartz stone is heavy, to the scene after retaining water, grinding, open stove hole, the time will be longer.

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