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Granite pavement

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There are sand stone pavement, slate stone pavement, granite pavement, limestone pavement.

Granite pavement: from the processing of granite stone pavement, the range is the most widely used, almost covering the use of all the places, demand is also the largest, standing demand for the entire ground floor of 90 or more.

Sand pavement: from the processing of land with sandstone pavement, decorative effect, the color is rich, natural environment, mainly used for parks, gardens, sidewalks, paving and other places of tourist areas, a small part is also used in the square.

Slate pavement: A slate processed into the stone pavement, the same sandstone as the decorative style, simple nature, but less color options, mainly black, brown, rust and green. Slate ground floor is mainly used in parks, squares, sidewalks, courtyards, and other places.

Limestone pavement: It is made of limestone stone pavement, natural environment, is relatively broad range of applications. Which China has a gray limestone - Celestite (also known as bluestone), the coordination of color and environment is very high hardness, good machinability, while yield, cheap, very popular in the international arena, the annual export volume very large, well known.

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