G640 Granite Slabs

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Stone Type: Granite

Stone Color: Grey

Stone Origin: China

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G640 Granite Slab Finish: surface polished, four edges are natural

G640 Granite Slab Size: 120cm up x 240cm up x 2cm or 120cm up x 240cm up x 3cm

Application: kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, table tops, bar tops etc.

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Granite Slab Packing
Wooden Bundles - Large granite slabs are ususally packed in fumigated wooden bundles with the help of c-clamp. Granite slabs in the bundles are tightly compressed. We put a plastic sheet between each slab to avoid friction during the transit. We tightly and correctly fastened all wooden bundles between each other and nailed down to the floor of the container so that the bundles can not shift during transit.
2cm Granite Slabs - about 15 pieces granite slabs are packed in one a-frame.
3cm Granite Slabs - about 10 pieces granite slabs are packed in one a-frame. 

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G640 Granite Slabs
G640 Granite Slabs
G640 Granite Slabs, G640 Granite Slabs for sale, welcome to buy G640 Granite Slabs with good quality and price from stone wholesaler in China.
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