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Granite Tile Flooring

Post Date: 2008-10-15 17:34:44

Granite tile floors, formed by volcanic action, this igneous rock floor bursts with distinction. Flecks of quartz, feldspar and mica give Granite its own special character. You can choose from polishe... More Content


Advantages of using granite

Post Date: 2008-9-20 15:28:15

Granite counters expensive? Granite counters start at $53 per square foot. For most kitchens, this means $110 per running foot for a 25" counter. This is usually quite a bit less expensive than solid... More Content


Applications of Granite Slabs and Tiles

Post Date: 2008-9-20 15:25:19

The beauty of granite coupled with its physical strength and chemical resistance makes it the material of choice in construction applications. Floors : Slabs look better than tiles. Check ma... More Content


Countertop Choices - Whats Best For You?

Post Date: 2008-9-18 19:14:05

Countertops represent one of the largest surfaces in your kitchen. They are also the surface you will probably interact with the most - from sorting the mail to preparing food to cleaning up. There ar... More Content


How To Purchase The Best Marble Tiles For Your Home

Post Date: 2008-9-18 18:24:59

In constructing homes, offices and other structures, there are several different types of natural stone that are utilized in creating wonderful pieces of indoor and outdoor applications. Marble is one... More Content



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