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Flamed Granite Tiles
Flamed Granite Tiles

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Flamed Granite Tiles
Our specializing products are various sizes of China granite tiles, including polished granite tiles, flamed granite tiles, honed granite tiles, irregular granite tiles, cut to size etc. We have strict quality control on our granite tiles products, they are meet European and American standard, all of our clients are appreciated the quality of our Chinese granite tiles.







Flamed Granite Tiles
Flamed Granite Tiles
Granite Tiles

Description of Features: We can supply high quality granite tiles.

1) Popular Thickness: 10mm (3/8"), 12mm (1/2"), 20mm (3/4"), 25mm, 30mm, etc.

2) Standard Dimension:
300x300 mm or 12"x12"
400x400 mm or 16"x16"
300x600 mm or 12"x24"
450x900 mm or 18"x36"
600x600 mm or 24"x24"
600x900 mm or 24"x36"
Cut to Size
Custom Sizes to Your Specifications

3) Surface Finish: Polished, Flamed, Honed, Bushhammered etc.

4) Common Packing:
Inner packing - Cartons or Foamed plastic(Polystyrene)
Outer packing - Wooden crates

5) Quality Control:
Polished degree - above 90 degree
Thickness Tolerance - +-0.5mm for 1cm tiles, +-1mm for 2cm tiles.
Color Variation: We can pack the same color tiles in the same crates with color marks according to clients' requirements.

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