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As reported,One third of every new home built in the US has a granite countertop.Granite countertop especially the solid style seems more and more popular in the construction field.But when you are choosing granite for your customers or for your own house, there are some key points to be noted:

Granite is a product of nature. This makes it subject to variations in both colour, texture and shade. Small samples of granite are only representative of and not indicative of selected material.

It is important to see and select the slabs that will be used to make your countertop, particularly when choosing granites such as Baltic Brown, Emerald Pearl, Balmoral Red,Ubatuba Green and Rosso Porrino which are regarded as being of more open variety than others.

The cost of your granite countertop will largely depend on the type of granite you choose, together with scale and detail of your kitchen.

The price of granite is primarily dependent on availability and source of origin.

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