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Chinese Granite

We can supply many kinds of Chinese granite materials, our Chinese granites are colorful and high quality with competitive price, such as the popular Chinese grey granite G603, Chinese yellow granite G682, Chinese pink granite G636, Shanxi Black, Maple Red, Pearl White etc, more and more people like to use Chinese granite to build house, hall, square, highway, garden, etc, the natural granite are decorating our beautiful life and world, so Chinese granite are enjoying good reputation all around the world.


China Granite G562
G890 Leopard flower G439 White Flower G562 Maple Red
China Granite G568 Granite G657
G568 Surf White G654 Dark Grey G657 Yellow Rose
China Granite G681 China Granite G777 China Granite G888
G628 Wuyi Red G777 Shanxi Black G888 China Green
Green Granite G889 China Granite G895
G889 Jiangxi Green G895 Fire Red G896 Pearl White
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