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Granite is one of the world's most ideal building materials for many reasons, suitable for a multitude of uses in both residential and commercial buildings. This natural stone is one of the hardest substances in the world, and has come to be trusted as an extremely long-lasting and durable surface. Granite is a volcanic rock formed over the ages with great pressure and heat, characterized by a visibly crystalline appearance which adds beauty to its other natural attributes. Granite is extracted from quarries around the world, and granite tiles and slabs are usually cut and polished at plants close their quarries. The tiles and slabs are normally cut to specification and polished on one side, and are characterized by their hard, dense, unyielding, and very smooth surfaces.

Both granite tiles and granite slabs serve many uses from household applications to light commercial and even industrial construction projects. Because granite products are extremely well-suited to heavy foot traffic, they are frequently used in flooring projects. For a strong and decorative flooring material, granite flooring is a great way to go. Granite resists impact and abrasion, and the random patterns in each granite tile or granite slab make for unique decorating, and will enhance your home or office project with an individual appeal. Granite can also add a significant structural benefit, as well as aesthetic value, to any residential, office, or industrial building, and is therefore often used in foundations and walls as well as floors. At BuildDirect, you will find the best prices on wholesale quantities of granite, in either tiles or slabs.

True marble is a relatively hard, metamorphic form of limestone. It comes in a broad range of colors, but usually is white or off-white. Marble often is subtly streaked with gray, brown, pink or other colors, and then is sometimes called statuary marble. Any stone (except granite) that can be machine-polished is classified as marble. Most marble actually is some form of limestone, and ranges from relatively soft and absorbent to quite hard and nearly impervious to water.




























China granite, marble, slate, sandstone, cobblestone, mosaic etc. stone products are very popular in many countries all over the world. Our factory is located in the most famous stone production area - Shuitou in China. We have different processing lines to supply granite tile and slab, marble tile, granite counter top and vanity tops, granite monument and tombstone, paving stone, granite palisades, stone carvings and sculptures etc.
Chinese Granite Tiles
Chinese Granite Granite Tile is designed for residential and commercial flooring, wall and facade applications. It is ideally suited for extreme conditions, as it resists wear, deterioration and weathering, while maintaining its natural beauty and finish indefinitely.Granite tile is a natural granite stone product. Granite is an igneous rock, formed from liquid magma, cooled slowly to form a substance approaching the hardness and durability of diamonds. Granite's three essential minerals are feldspar, quartz, and mica. These minerals occur in different proportions, giving each granite its own color, texture and structural characteristics.
China Marble Tiles
China Marble Marble tile floor is an elegant addition to any room, and the installation process is not as difficult as you might expect. Common marble tile sizes are 12 inches x 12 inches and 12 inches x 18 inches, and they range from 3/8- to 1/2-inch thick. Polished marble is highly reflective and emphasizes the natural colors and markings of the stone. For flooring, use polished marble only in low-traffic areas. Honed marble has a dull, matte finish. Choose this finish for floors where heavy foot traffic is likely. Honed marble provides a more slip-resistant surface and is less likely to reveal scratches.
China Granite Slab
Granite Slabs Granite slabs are fabricated by the sawing of Granite blocks in the desired thickness, mostly for use as a flooring material. The granite blocks are cut by granite gang saw machines. The sawn granite slabs are polished on granite polishing machines. The polished granite slabs are cut and finished by other granite processing machines. Granite slabs are made available in a wide range of sizes for multiple uses. The large sized granite slabs are mostly used for flooring. Granite slabs are also used for wall cladding and counter tops. Thick granite slabs are used for gravestones, tombstones and plaques and other granite monuments and stone arts and crafts. Granite slabs impart an aesthetic look and add grandeur to any indoor or exterior application.
Granite Countertop and Vanity Top
Granite Counter Tops Granite countertops, created by nature and fashioned by modern technology, are an investment homeowners will never regret. With deep iridescent colors, granite offers that elusive, one-of-a-kind beauty created only in nature. As a result, granite countertops add character and warmth to kitchens, baths, and other areas of the home with a richness that cannot be duplicated in synthetic materials. Granite slabs are having very good properties - hardness, excellent and lasting polish, durability and resistance to stain, scratch and heat. Due to these attributes, granite slabs are widely used as counter tops, table tops, kitchen tops and vanities.
Granite Monument and Tombstone
Granite Monument Granite Monuments, tombstones/gravestones are a vital part of life and death. It has been a tradition in the western world since ages to erect tombstone in a cemetery to mark the resting place of the loved ones. The common thread which has bridged civilizations and generations has been mankind's desire to remember loved ones by erecting monuments, tombstones. In the early days, tombstones were made of natural stones extracted from nearby region. Later on marble was in vogue for tombstones. China is the largest producer and exporter of monuments, tombstones in the world. Today, granite is the most popular stone used for gravestones.
Granite Palisades and Paving Stone
Granite Palisades Natural split and then pineappled granite palisade sized 12 x 12 x Lcm or 10 x 25 x Lcm are in great demand in European countries. They can be used for different purposes, but for every purpose they show the harmony between natural stone and the surroundings.Palisade fencing, standard hight of 1.2m,1.5m,1.8m and 2.1m. Fencing is roll-formed from 60 - 75 mm by 2 3.5 mm mild steel slit coils. Post are manufactured from 50 x 50,76 x 76 or 100 x 55 ipe posts. Systems are available in welded or bolted versions. Prices are per running meter for systems and all material can be purchased seperatly.
Granite Fountain and Stone Carvings
Granite Fountain Stone Fountains are decorative accessories for ornamentation of outside locations in homes or offices as well as in interiors. Stone fountains are elaborately carved in traditional or modern styles made as per the latest trends. Outdoor fountains may be large sized fountains or multi-tiered fountains that are available in multiple finishes and color variations of marble, sandstone and granite. Indoor fountains are mostly made from marble. Marble fountains create a serene setting in the interiors with the soothing sound of water. Granite fountains add a note of serenity and sophistication to any area and lend an aesthetic and soothing ambience.
Roofing Slate and Flooring Slate
Roofing Slate Slate is a very fine grained metamorphic rock derived from the sedimentary rock 'shale'. Slate is composed mostly of mica, chlorite and quartz. Slate is characterized by a sub parallel orientation which imparts a strong parallel cleavage to the rock which allows the slate rock to be split into thin but tough sheets of slate. Slate is generally used in the form of tiles. Slate is compact and has a moderate hardness and lesser homogeneity. Slate has a fine to medium grained surface texture. Slate has an excellent shining property. Slate is a popular ornamental and decorative stone because of the pleasing colors, attractive patterns and designs. Slate tiles are used for wall cladding, roofing and flooring. Slate is suitable for Exterior and Interior Applications.
Granite and Marble Sinks
Marble Sinks We offers some of the finest composite granite sinks ever made. These quality sinks offer high tolerance to heat and thermal shock, are colourfast and resistant to fading from sunlight or water whitening, scratch proof and easily cleaned with most household cleaners. The sinks can be cleaned with abrasive cleaners to remove stains. 1)Stone sinks bowl, stone vessel sink, stone sink, bathroom sink, bathroom stone sink, kitchen stone sinks, kitchen granite sink, stone Vessels 2)Granite sinks ,Granite bowls, granite Vessels sinks, granite Bathroom sinks, Bathroom Granite sinks, undermount sink, and Drop Mounted sink , Granite Vessels 3)Marble sinks, marble vessel sink, marble kitchen sinks, marble sink, marble vessel sinks,marble vessel
Marble Mosaic
Marble Mosaic Marble Mosaic Medallions and rugs are available in many sizes, prices and designs. All are superior quality with mesh backing for easy installation! Standard designs are available with custom marble options as are full custom design and manufacturing services. Marble Mosaic Tiles in many different marble types and colors are available in polished, tumbled and honed finishes in several tesserae sizes. Many other marble types are available by special order. You will find links to solid tile and bulk loose tesserae on this page also. Marble Mosaic Borders and listellos are available in many designs from simple to elaborate. All designs are available in alternate marble types and finishes. Custom design services are also available.
Marble and Sandstone Fireplaces
Stone Fireplace Stone fireplaces have been created and used since ancient times in homes and palaces. Stone fireplaces reflect a highly ornate style that is classy and elegant. Highly skilled craftsmen create unique patterns with intricate carvings while designing the fireplaces. The stone used for the fireplaces can be granite, marble, sandstone, etc. in a variety of rugged or smooth finishes. Marble fireplaces give any installation an elegant, romantic look and they are artistically crafted with beautiful carvings and engravings. Sandstone fireplaces give a rustic look and have an enchanting appeal. Fireplaces are enchanting accessories in the homes that provide warmth during the cold winters and add an exclusive appeal to the decor.
Natural Pebblestone
Natural Pebblestone Pebblestone is a natural stone which is available in various sizes and a large assortment of colors. Stone is washed and sized before it is bagged for installation. most thickness of stone will vary bettween 1/2 inch and 5/8 inch. Pebble Stone, This smaller, thinner version of River Rock looks great on its own or mixed with other stones, giving you the freedom to create patterns that suit your individual style, it's perfect for customizing building projects. Pebblestone is installed over any hard surface such as concrete, asphalt, brick, or wood decks. It is installed on pool decks, driveways, patios, walkways, entries and stairways. It is used for residential, commercial and industrial use. it is used for indoor and outdoor flooring.
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