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We have various kinds of China natural stone from different provinces, including granites, marbles, slate, sandstone, cobble stone etc. More and more kinds of granites from other countries are offerring, whether where you can come from, we would supply what you like!


Examples of our products include high quality granite tiles and slabs, granite countertops, vanity tops, granite tombstones, granite kerbstones, paving stone, cubes stones, etc, we have implemented comprehensive management and quality control systems.

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China Granites: Large selection of China granites from different parts of China, such as Shanxi Black, the purest black granite in the world; G603, the most popular granite for construction; G682, the most faxmous yellow granite in China. We have our own G636 and G682 quarries. Learn More.

Foreign Granites: The popular granites from different countries in the world, such as India, Finland, Brazil, Italy etc. we can supply Blue Pearl, Baltic Brown, Indian Red, Verde Ubatuba, Black Galaxy, South African Black, Emerald Pearl etc. Learn More.

China Marbles: Beautiful and gallant marbles can decorate your house like honorable palace. We offer over twenty kinds of marbles, such as White Jade, Guang Yellow, Cream Series etc.. These marbles are available for contertops, carvings, mosaic, tiles and so on. Learn More.

Slate: We have our subsidiary factory near the slate quarry, the colors of slate include grey, black, green, rusty etc. examples of product are roofing slate, flooring tiles, wall cladding, cultural stone, mushroom stone, etc with different finishing, Calibrated, split, sawn, tumbled and honed . Learn More.

Sandstone: Sandstone is a sedimentary rock that is made up mostly of tiny grains of quartz. THe main colors of our sandstone is beige, green, wooden grain etc. Learn More.

Mosaic: The beautiful mosaics are made of domestic and imported stone. We can produce it according to your own unique designs. Learn More.

Cobblestone: Natural cobblestone are very beautiful, there are many kinds of colors, such as black, white, yellow, red, multicolors etc. Learn More.


Tiles and Slabs: Granite and marble tiles, slabs are usually used for floor, wall, facade, square etc.Learn More.

Granite Countertops: Granite countertops add character and warmth to kitchens, baths, and other areas of the home with a richness that cannot be duplicated in synthetic materials. Granite countertops are a beautiful, durable and cost competitive solution for kitchens, baths and other residential applications or commercial applications.Learn More.

Granite Tombstones: China holds the pride position in offering variety of stones suitable for tombstones to the whole world. Our specializing products is high quality granite tombstone, headstones, monuments, vases, urns, statues for cemetery and grave yard. Monthly we are exporting large quantities of memorial products to UK, Ireland, Poland etc. Learn More.

Building Materials : We can produce many kinds of granite building materials, such as paving stone, kerbstone, cube stone, stairs, banisters, steps, skirting etc. Learn More.

Kerbstones: Granite Kerbstone is mostly used for road construction, especially for the side of highway, footway etc. Popular kerbstone includes natural split, sawn, bushhammerd, flamed ones of gray, yellow, red and black colors. Learn More.

Stone Carving: Our carving products cover statues, animals, fireplaces, fountains, vases, columns, table & benches, decorative balls, lanterns, and lavabos etc. The articles are made of marble, granite, limestone and sandstone. China traditional carving technics preform the unique glamour of stone culture. Learn More.

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