Chinese Granite Catalogue:


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Granite Tiles
Chinese Granite
Granite tile is designed for residential and commercial flooring, wall and facade applications. It is ideally suited for extreme conditions, as it resists wear, deterioration and weathering, while maintaining its natural beauty and finish indefinitely. China granite are very famous in the world, such as G603, G601, G623, G682, G654, G684, G635, G636, G664, Shanxi Black, Surf White, China Green, Maple Red, etc. chinese granites are enjoying good reputation all over the world. We also supply a lot of popular granites from other countries, such as Blue Pearl, Baltic Brown, Black Galaxy, India granite, Brazilian granite etc. Granite’s three essential minerals are feldspar, quartz, and mica, these minerals occur in different proportions, giving each granite its own color, texture and structural characteristics.
China Marble Tiles
China Marble
Marble tile floor is an elegant addition to any room, and the installation process is not as difficult as you might expect. Common marble tile sizes are 12 inches x 12 inches and 12 inches x 18 inches, and they range from 3/8- to 1/2-inch thick. Polished marble is highly reflective and emphasizes the natural colors and markings of the stone. For flooring, use polished marble only in low-traffic areas. Honed marble has a dull, matte finish. Choose this finish for floors where heavy foot traffic is likely. Honed marble provides a more slip-resistant surface and is less likely to reveal scratches. Chinese marble are very beautiful, such as Pure White, Rosin Jade, Cream marble, Flower Green marble etc, they are warmly welcomed in China and abroad.
Chinese Granite Slab
Granite Slabs
Granite slabs are fabricated by the sawing of granite blocks in the desired thickness, mostly for use as a flooring material. The granite blocks are cut by granite gang saw machines, then the sawn granite slabs are polished on polishing machines, or flamed by hand, at last polished or flamed slabs are cut and finished by other processing machines. Granite slab are made available in a wide range of sizes for multiple uses, the standard size is 120up x 240up x 2 cm or 120up x 240up x 3 cm, the edges can be sawn or natural. Large granite slab is used for flooring, wall cladding, counter tops, thick granite slabs are used for gravestones, tombstones, plaques, stone arts or crafts etc. We export large quantity of granite slabs to many countries from China every year.
Granite Countertop and Vanity Top
Granite Counter Tops
Granite countertops, created by nature and fashioned by modern technology, add character and warmth to kitchens, baths and other areas of the home with a richness that cannot be duplicated in synthetic materials. Our high quality Chinese granite countertops, vanity tops, bar tops, kitchen tops, kitchen worktop, island tops, table tops, marble coutnertop, show panel etc. are warmly welcomed in Aemrican and European market, our granite coutnertop won't blister, scratch or crack; they are highly stain resistant, they can take a hot pot without the use of a trivet, and its cool polished surface is ideal for rolling out pastry dough. Granite countertops are a beautiful, durable and cost competitive solution for kitchens, baths and other residential applications or commercial applications.
Granite Monument and Tombstone
Granite Monument
Granite monuments, tombstones, headstone and gravestones are a vital part of life and death, it has been a tradition in the western world since ages to erect tombstone in a cemetery to mark the resting place of the loved ones. China is the largest producer and exporter of granite tombstone and monument in the world. We have our own Chinese pure black granite quarry and professional factory, and we have monument design department to make and modify designs for clients, our main factory is specialized in high quality granite products including headstones, vases, urns, statues for cemetery and grave yard, monthly we are exporting about 10 containers of memorial products to Japan, Korea, UK, Ireland, Poland Germany, USA and Canada etc.
Granite Palisades and Paving Stone
Granite Palisades
Granite palisades are in great demand for garden and fencing in European countries, suface of palisade can be natural split, pineappled, rough bushhammered, fine bushhammered etc., they are cut at 12 x 12 x L cm or 10 x 25 x L cm etc. by using grey, yellow or other granites. Granite paving stone, cube stone, stepping stone, kerbstone etc are widely used for outdoor construction, we are building a lot of projects using Chinese richful granite resource and our professional staff and construction experience around the world. Granite kerbstone is a little different in different country, we can show you the drawing for your inside or outside projects. Granite cobble stone and cube stone are used for large square or small path, the popular colors include grey, yellow, pink, dark grey, black etc.
Granite Fountain and Stone Carvings
Granite Fountain
Stone carvings and sculptures are beautiful arts of natural stone and human wisdom. Our Chinese stone carving products include human carving, animal carvings, stone flower pot, table and chair, lantern, mail box, stone fountain and trough etc. We have experienced technician, we can make any design according to clients' requirements. Stone Fountains are decorative accessories for ornamentation of outside locations in homes or offices as well as in interiors. Outdoor stone fountains may be large sized fountains or multi-tiered fountains that are available in multiple finishes and color variations of marble, sandstone and granite. Indoor stone fountains are mostly made from marble, marble fountains create a serene setting in the interiors with the soothing sound of water.
Roofing Slate and Flooring Slate
Roofing Slate
Slate is characterized by a sub parallel orientation which imparts a strong parallel cleavage to the rock which allows the slate rock to be split into thin but tough sheets of slate. Slate is generally used in the form of flooring slate tiles, roofing slate tiles, mushroom slate, slate billiards table etc. We have one black slate quarry and processing factory in Jiangxi province, we can produce slate tiles, slate mosaic, slate table tops, etc. The main colors of Chinese slate are grey and black slate, rusty slate, green slate and other colors. China slate products become popular ornamental and decorative stone because of the pleasing colors, attractive patterns and designs, slate tiles are widely used for wall cladding, roofing and flooring in exterior and interior applications.
Granite and Marble Sinks
Marble Sinks
High quality granite sink and marble sink are resistant to fading from sunlight or water whitening, scratch proof and easily cleaned with most household cleaners. There are many kinds of granite sinks, marble sinks, granite bowls, marble bowls, onyx sinks, travertine sinks, undermount sinks, overmount sinks etc. in our factory, they are beautiful decoration for kithecn room, bathroom, hotel etc. Undermount or sub-mount sinks are the most commonly used sinks with stone countertops, undermount sinks give a nice clean look to the countertops and make the countertops easier to maintain. Overmount or drop-in sinks are the most economical option. We supply large quantity of granite sinks and marble sinks to hotel projects in USA and Europe.
Marble Mosaic
Marble Mosaic
Marble mosaic borders and medallions are available in many sizes, prices and designs, all of mosaics are superior quality with mesh backing for easy installation! Standard designs of China marble mosaic are available with custom marble options, your customized desings and selected Chinese or foreign marble material are welcomed too, our experienced technician can produce any mosaic according to pictures or requirements. There are many different types and colors of mosaic tiles, the small marble particles are polished, tumbled or honed in various sizes. Marble patterns are made of large and irregular marble or granite tiles, it's very popular for hotel lobby, large hall etc.
Marble and Sandstone Fireplace
Stone Fireplace
Stone fireplaces have been created and used since ancient times in homes and palaces. Stone fireplace reflect a highly ornate style that is classy and elegant. Highly skilled craftsmen create unique patterns with intricate carvings while designing the fireplaces. The stone used for the fireplaces can be granite, marble, sandstone, etc. in a variety of rugged or smooth finishes. Chinese marble fireplace give any installation an elegant, romantic look and they are artistically crafted with beautiful carvings and engravings. Sandstone fireplace give a rustic look and have an enchanting appeal. Fireplaces are enchanting accessories in the homes that provide warmth during the cold winters and add an exclusive appeal to the decor.
Pebblestone and River Stone
Natural Pebblestone
Pebblestone is natural river stone which is available in various sizes and a large assortment of colors, the thickness of most pebblestone and river stone will vary bettween 1/2 inch and 5/8 inch. Pebble stones give you the freedom to create patterns that suit your individual style, it's perfect for customizing building projects. We can supply natural river stone, machine-made pebblestone, cobblestone on net or in meshed bags etc. from China, they are beautiful and easily installed over any hard surface such as concrete, asphalt, brick or wood decks. Chinese pebblestone and cobblestone are widely used on pool decks, driveways, patios, walkways, entries, stairways, and for indoor and outdoor flooring.