Thursday, April 27, 2006

Xiamen Stone, Mantain Resplendent

"The stone in the world focuses on China, the stone in China focuese on Fujian, and the stone in Fujian focuses on Xiamen". That is not excessive at all saying good reputation to Xiamen because it is the city performs the forward position of Chinese reform and opening-up. For over 20 years, Xiamen people has created a unprecedented world with their intelligence and sweat for Chinese development of stone industry.

China have very abundant natural stone resources, which have established the favorable base for the development of Chinese stone industry. In China, people will think of Fujian if you mention stone and will think of Xiamen if you mention Fujian. Xiamen has already developed into the biggest stone foreign trade port of our country and the stone logistics trade center.

The stone is the traditional large export trade in Xiamen. It has been occupying the important position all the time in the foreign export of Xiamen for a long time. Moreover, more than 60% of the stone are imported and exported through port of Xiamen in the whole country, over 1000000 tons of stone are imported in Xiamen, and stone import-export volume exceeds 1700 million dollars in 2005, therefore, Xiamen has already become the biggest stone material trade base of our country and the logistics trade center in the world.

Construct a high-efficient and high-quality platform in order to promote the information exchange and cooperation among the same trade, stone enterprieses form a locally and non-profit-making trade organization-Xiamen Stone Chamber. Since the establishment of the chamber, to bridge the correlative parties, providing member enterprises with communication with other same profession all over the world. It diligently plays a role in sharing of complementary advantages among parties and striving for a win-win situation, while endeavoring to consolidate the advantages of the industry to advance overall competitiveness. The chamber undertakes to launch exchange and cooperation activities for stone industry organizations at home and abroad; it aims at pushing forward the globalization and modernization of Xiamen stone industry, and promoting the international popularity and influence of Xiamen as a stone export base of China.


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